Why I made Roaming Prints

Why I made Roaming Prints

Photography has been a passion of mine since i bought my camera in 2016 when i got a second hand Nikon camera. Years later, during the covid lockdown i got an upgrade and got a canon 60D, not the best camera around but better than what i had and perfect for what i needed, without having to take out a mortgage.

During lockdown i would play basketball with friends and go on a lot of walks as there was a limit to what we were actually allowed to do. I also go Adobe Lightroom so i could take my photos to the next level.

Me and my Girlfriend love to travel, just this year in 2023 we have been to 9 countries; Czech republic, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Greece and Norway. And we finished 2022 with an incredible trip to Iceland. All of these places have given us some wonderful experiences and we have created many memories.

I have wanted to own my own store for a while, talking to my friend with both of us saying we need another way of generating income, but one of my main issues was a product, then one day i had the thought of getting some of my photos printed onto canvas, Then it hit me, i found my product. As i am writing this my store is not open to the public and is password protected, i am waiting on my 3 prints to be delivered, to make sure the quality is okay, as the last thing i want is to sell a low quality product.

Here we are, lets see how it goes...

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